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Exhibitor application

Application deadline 30th April 2019

  • Exhibitor application

Exhibit Fees

Space Only
Space Only

Space Only 350,000 JPY/ 9 sqm. (incl. tax)

This is for a space only, and it does not include booth decorations such as walls and furnishings. Utility arrangements and garbage collection can be ordered separately based on the information on the exhibitor manual.

Standard Booth Decoration Fee

STD decoration package
90,000 JPY
/ 9 sqm. (incl. tax)

This is a standard decoration package for a 9 ㎡ booth. It includes the following. 2 sidewalls, 1 back wall, a carpet, an Exhibitor nameboard, 1 counter table, 2 chairs, 1 trash box, 1 electrical outlet (100V/800W), Booth cleaning

Fee including : Exhibit space(W3,000 X D3,000 X H2,700)Hard wall shell stand, Sign panel, Booth carpet, 2 chairs, 1 information counter, 2 fluorescent lights, 1 wastepaper basket , 1 electrical outlet (100V; 800W), Booth cleaning
Corner booth fee

21,600 JPY / corner (incl. tax)

An additional fee will be charged to each corner booth, two sides of which are facing aisles without neighboring other exhibitors. If your booth has 2 corders, the fee will be doubled.

Small Booths (incl. basic decorations)
Size 2m x 2m
Fee 200,000 JPY (incl. tax)
Including Exhibitor nameboard, 2 fluorescent lights, 1 table, 1 chair
Size 2m x 1m
Fee 160,000 JPY (incl. tax)
Including Exhibitor nameboard, 2 fluorescent lights, 1 table


Exhibitor seminar

41,040 JPY / 30-min session (incl. tax)

Sign stand

Please Ask

One-sided billboard ad

Please Ask

Aisle sign (Limited to 3 orders | W900×H500 mm)

38,000 JPY (Incl. tax)

HallEntrance Signstand(W450 × H225 mm)

38,000 JPY (Incl. tax)

Digital banner advertisement(W234 × H60 px)

1-month digital ad on the official website

34,000 JPY / 1 months (incl. tax)

Official floor map ad (W80 × H60 mm)

64,000 JPY (Incl. tax)

Entrance free paper space

32,000 JPY (Incl. tax)

Application deadline: 30th April 2019


Digital Banners

※Please use for public relations activities etc. (link from your site to this site etc.)

■ 230px × 70px
■ 480px × 130px
[How to download]
For Windows User:
Press right click with your mouse over the image and select「save image as...」
For Mac User:
Drag and drop the image on the desktop.