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ROX inc.

No,Zone 8th P&B JAPAN Booth No.312-1 Zone
Address venture max 209, Kizuki2-10-3, Nakahara-ku, Kawasaki city, Kanagawa-pref.
TEL +8190-4495-9275
FAX +8190-4495-9275
Category : IT-related
Products : Demand Forecast AI -Hawk-
Highlight AI solves worries by reducing food loss and optimizing inventory! Demand forecasting AI -Hawk- developed by ROX forecasts the number of customers and the number of products sold 45 days from today. It is an easy AI that can be used immediately if there is a personal computer, and monthly 9800 yen (per store). User's voice: "It is more accurate than the employee's guess. The error is halved." "Improving operations based on AI, reducing waste food by 55%" "Used for crowd forecasting and reduced overtime hours per staff by 12 hours"