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KenYu Trading Co.,Ltd.

No,Zone Booth No.E101 Zone
Address 13-2-307, Kawahara, Hirakata, Osaka, Japan
TEL 072-804-0050
FAX 072-804-0051
Category : Coffee
Products : Organic green coffee & decaffe instant coffee (FD)
Category : Olive oil/Rice oil/Linseed oil/Coconuts oil
Products : Organic oil (sacha inchi, Hemp, Flax)
Category : Flour
Products : Oranic wheat flour
Category : Sugar / Brown sugar
Products : Organic sugar & brown sugar
Highlight We are dealing with the following products mainly. Organic green coffee beans from Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, organic decaffeinated instant coffee (FD), organic wheat flour (hight protein, low protin), orgnaic sugar/whole sugar(not refined),organic soybeans, organic wheat, organic buckwheat, domestic origin wheat flour, domestic origin okara powder and etc.
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