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Nippon Beet Sugar Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.

No,Zone Booth No.C219 Zone
Address Nitten Mita Building,3-12-14 Mita,Minato-ku,Tokyo
TEL 03-6414-5535
FAX 03-6414-3984
Category : Agricultural products (vegetables, fruits)
Products : Beet Dietary Fiber
Category : Sugar
Products : Beet Sugar
Category : Yeast
Products : Tokachino Koubo Instant type
Category : Yeast
Products : Tokachino Koubo Active type
Category : Other sweeteners
Products : Beet Oligo
Category : Sugar
Products : Beet non-centrifugal sugar
Highlight Tokachino Koubo is a gift received from the harsh natural environment of Tokachi,which has been extracted from fruits of the Sargent's cherry. Active type requires preliminary fermentation. Instant type is granular and not requires preliminary fermentation.
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